update n’shake 21/02/17

G’day. In the event of having finished a novel and wanting to share all kinds of things – words, music, love poems about pesto and cat pictures (not really, these will be strictly rationed) I decided to get this thing going, in much the way one would try out an old bicycle you found in a haunted shed. I’ll be putting up new and older, edited short stories along with the few opinions I can get past the censors (again, the cats).

In the nearly future I can promise a new Christian fitness record in the next month and a half (get the others at https://christianfitness.bandcamp.com) and the future of the left live vid/recording, which’ll be out before that (we’re thinking of keeping that to a digital release because of blah and blah and etc.).

All comments which i don’t like I’ll simply delete, or edit with crazy misspellings.

I look forward to typing at you / being typed at.

falco x


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